“If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast” said Hemingway. Few years ago, I used to roam throughout the concrete plain avenue to the winding medieval streets of the City of Light, a camera in my hand. Like an explorer, wandering for traces of culture, I was seeking for spiritual treasures such as the names of a street, in Hemingway novels, the Shakespeare bookshop, lairs of young amateur of literature or these café that ancients masters used to frequent.

I never realized that these little moment of adventure became treasure. Through my lens, I was telling my lucky “rendez-vous” with the French Touch and saving unforgettable moment : I was telling openly of the
affection and attachment I have for Paris.

I’m a chinese, english and french speaking photographer. I live and work in Paris for ten years. I’ve graduated the highest degree of the Institut de la Photographie de Paris, le RNCP, and gained the title of professional photographer. My specialities are wedding picture and romantic and aesticized photography. As I used to work as a journalist, my personnal style is closed to documentary photographies. I’m focused on creating
picture that describe the beauty of the moment: I’ll catch the slightest
instant to create an album that while keep for ever your best souvenir. I hope many years after, the magic of theses times while last for you, when you’ll see them again.

If you have send me a mail and receive no response in the following 24 hours, that would probably mean that I’m busy with a wedding shooting session in a faraway vineyard castle, or on a bike tour. But, you can believe at the one time I could be connected, I won’t leave you without an answer.

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